Explore.aepps.com doesn't seem to be working correctly


How long does it take for the node which https://explore.aepps.com talks to to get updates?

fails to find an account:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error: While calling getAccountByPubkey (pubkey), GET to //roma-net.aepps.com/v2/accounts/ak_pyqhPTQEwgvo8866rBF2qhEqpM1ZsdVFe3rwgG7KCCDLEwxhw failed with 404: Account not found

but calling the api manually

iex([email protected])1> AE.fetch_account_info "ak_pyqhPTQEwgvo8866rBF2qhEqpM1ZsdVFe3rwgG7KCCDLEwxhw"
  "balance" => 199959000,
  "id" => "ak_pyqhPTQEwgvo8866rBF2qhEqpM1ZsdVFe3rwgG7KCCDLEwxhw",
  "nonce" => 0

works fine.


Ah, it seems like https://explore.aepps.com is using roma-net.aepps.com and my function uses main-net.aepps.com, what’s the difference?


I’m also getting lots of CORS errors on the index page https://explorer.aepps.com/#/. https://explorer.aepps.com/#/status/ never fully loads the data either.



Our æpps team will get back to you as soon as possible.



Aeternity main net is called roma-net. Maybe you were using https://sdk-mainnet.aepps.com/, this is on same network as https://roma-net.aepps.com, just different node.


We had some issues with the node underlying Aeternity explorer failing. This is fixed now.


Maybe the issue was due to failing of underlying node at that time. I am unable the reproduce the issue at present.


Right, seems to be working fine now.

https://explorer.aepps.com/#/account/ak_pyqhPTQEwgvo8866rBF2qhEqpM1ZsdVFe3rwgG7KCCDLEwxhw loads now, but takes several seconds for me.


when you view a generation, the web page will load by itself. This makes you impossible to view a specific generaion.


I have another issue:

No transactions are displayed, even after clicking on the “more txs” button. (just so you know)

Here is a link.