Federal university of technology Minna Meetup

Held a meetup at Federal University of Technology Minna which we went on for 2 days. Day one was basically introduction to Blockchain, Aeternity Blockchain and dacade signups, because they don’t have any knowledge on aeternity blockchain so I walked them through Aeternity Blockchain and it’s features.
Day two was introduction to Aeternity development course, how to implement Sophia smart contract which we are able go through the dacade course and have couple of submission in dacade. And when those who made submissions pass, they will be able to teach the rest of the students. They were building a school management system app before Aeternity Blockchain was introduced to them so i explained to them how they can take advantage on how this disruptive technology can revolutionize the education sector for example students’ certificates can be digitalized and the problem associated with results lost, damage or falsified will not arise.
Also, how to make it affordable, institution will also save money on cost of managing data and legal liabilities that come with it and student will have personal ownership of shared data from open source. How the courses should be legitimate by providing universally accessible certificates and facilitating transactions for easy micro transactions on course by course basis. Also talk how Blockchain can be used for executing agreements, reduce paperwork using smart contract to validate attendance or assignments completions once a set of conditions have been met.
First day picture

Second day


Here is short video about the meetup

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