Finish the Brief report of ( and

Dear all

I’m glad to join the AE community. Although the functionality is almost complete, I will continue to maintain and fix bugs

See here for a brief reportBrief report of.pdf (184.0 KB) More than 7,300 posts and 2000+ users are visited every day. Provide more than 300,000 views for Chinese users.

Application details : WeTrue development and improvements proposal

Thank you again to the foundation, thank you all



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@LiuShao Thank you very much for the final report. It is really nice to see so many users using your application and your success in promoting the aeternity. Thank you once more fore the good work and nice results!
ACF is happy to support you and the strong Chinese community and looking forward to receive new inspiring applications.


@LiuShao could you please highlight again what is the problem you are facing with the documentation for running public nodes? I see you made a final remark on this regard in your report.

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Thank you. I mean two things. One is documentation. The other one is the node.

The Asian region uses the official default node, which is still unstable.

There is also a lack of online compilers in Asia.


@lydia thank you Even if it has a final report, its development and promotion will not stop. The new version of WeTrue will be launched in the near future, which is a new beginning.

We will develop more applications that benefit aeternity later.


WeTrue V2.0 has been released as open source and the UI part has also been released.
It’s a fresh start, it’s completely refactored.
Early on it will implement the original basic functionality, and later it will support better extensions.

WeTrue Server:

WeTrue UI: