First Æternity Bogotá D.C virtual meetup


The last March 7, We had our first virtual meet up in Bogotá Colombia.

the topics that we presented:

Blockchain introduction:

  • Distributed networks.
  • Distributed ledger.
  • transactions.
  • bitcoin


  • Smart contracts.
  • Solidity


  • introduction
  • Why Aeternity
  • state channels
  • oracles
  • real use cases.

Questions asked by the audience:

  • Explain in more detail, what oracles are?
  • What kind of oracles could run over Aeternity network?
  • Where we can find examples about how to program an oracle?
  • Weather oracles are available?
  • Where we can find the project resources like code, manuals, tutorials.?

The video is available here:


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Hey, the video link here: