First meeting of 2019, Ethiopia



We had our first 2019 meet up at bahrain restaurant in Addis Ababa. it was warm afternoon and we sat by the garden. we had seven participants and were all interested on how to use this new technology to benefit their lives. they were all college students from business and software engineering fields. we discussed how aeternity is better than Ethereum. we discussed about state channels and how it will make transaction more efficient and safe. we also discussed the price of ae and how we can be benefited from it as more and more third party applications are developed on the platform.
The most interesting question we had was that due to current policy change in Ethiopia all African citizens are allowed to come to Ethiopia visa free, so all this African citizens are going to come to Ethiopia with different currencies with respective to their countries so. how can all this people have a seamless exchange when they come to our country? we thought of using aeternity platform to build them a one stop exchange so that they can use ae to exchange to Ethiopia’s currency birr.
we thought of a potential use case for aeternity in building a saving scheme called Equb. it is a traditional saving mechanism in which the members take turns in contributing money weekly and the winner of a the weekly lottery takes all the contribution until the next weekly round. so we imagined building a platform in which techsavy youth Ethiopians can use this app to easily play and save.



Hey @Kidus

Thank you for your work, those are some very interesting ideas you all had so keep on brainstorming and working on them.

Please share some photos from the meetup with us!