First Virtual Meet up for Cameroon and Ghana Communities

Hello Fellow Ambassadors! Its my first meetup and i am very excited. Its being a long wait. on the 21st of May, i organised the first virtual meetups for folks in Ghana and cameroon. I had to start make them feel welcome and introduced them to the project proper, some were quite rusty though, but consequently they will catch up. we were 5 in number. hopefully the team grows fastly. I also introduced and collected their usernames. looking forward to the next meetup


That is wonderful @dotunwilfred, thank you :slight_smile:
What kind of people took part in the meetup - students, entrepreneurs or just someone curious about blockchain?


Thanks Albena! yes there were students, fresh graduates and fellow crypto enthusiasts.

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@dotunwilfred Please show us a proof of your meetup or it didn’t exist :slight_smile:

this is the link to the video of the virtual meetup

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