Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3

Hello everyone!

We created this topic to provide support to anyone who is migrating their AE tokens to the æternity Mainnet in Phase 1, 2 and 3. Please post all questions you may have here and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

We prepared video guides to help you through the process of migration. Access them all in this YouTube playlist.

MIGRATE YOUR ETHEREUM TOKENS, but read the Q&A below or watch the video guide that is relevant to you FIRST.


It is recommended to CHECK YOUR DATA PAYLOAD before signing the migration transaction.

CHECK if your tokens were migrated successfully.

General FAQ

  • When will Phase 3 of token migration, the currently running Phase, finish?
    Phase 3 of token migration will finish around September 2, 2019. The smart contract that manages all Ethereum AE tokens (ERC20) will become non-operational after that date, so all AE tokens on Ethereum will become non-transferable. Migrating AE tokens will still be possible, but the process will become technically more complex. Make sure you migrate your tokens before September 2. We will announce an end-date for Phase 3 migration soon.

  • When did Phase 2 of token migration finish?

Phase 2 finished on May 7, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM CET. All AE tokens migrated prior to that date will become available on the æternity Mainnet after the execution of the scheduled hard fork, expected to happen on May 28 - June 5, 2019.

  • How are Phases 1, 2, 3 different from Phase 0?

Apart from Phase 0, all consecutive phases (the current phase included) will require a protocol upgrade (fork) in order for migrated AE tokens to become available on the Mainnet. All forks are subject to the willingness of miners and users to update their node software in order to follow the updated rules of the æternity network. The æternity Establishment and Foundation will support the forks, but it is up to the miner and user communities to determine if a fork will be successful or not. In addition to recently migrated AE tokens, the scheduled forks will also include protocol improvements which introduce new functionalities, features and optimizations. Here is the predicted AE token migration schedule:

  • End of Phase 0 (pre-Mainnet): November 25, 2018 [FINISHED]
  • End of Phase 1: February, 2019 [FINISHED]
  • End of Phase 2: May, 2019 [FINISHED]
  • End of Phase 3: September 2, 2019 [RUNNING] (all Ethereum AE tokens become non-transferable after September 2)

Users will still be able to migrate their AE tokens after the end of Phase 3 as long as they don’t use a smart contract to manage them. More information to come.

  • How can I create an æternity account where my migrated AE tokens will be stored in Phase 1, 2 and 3?
    There are two secure options to do this. You can either use the Ledger Nano S or AirGap Vault (and AirGap Wallet). To learn how to use the Ledger, you can read this guide or watch this community-prepared video guide. In addition, you can find video guides on migration in this YouTube playlist.

The other option is AirGap Vault (Version 1.6.0 is recommended). It requires Android 4.4 and up or iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. AirGap will be integrated in the Base æpp in the future.

  • Where should I store my AE in order to be able to migrate them successfully?

The token migration process includes two options - MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. Through MyEtherWallet you can use:

  • Ledger (also possible to use with MetaMask)
  • Trezor (also possible to use with MetaMask)
  • Digital Bitbox
  • Secalot
  • Keystore / JSON File
  • mnemonic phrase / seed
  • private key

If your AE tokens are stored in one of the above forms, please select MEW when you reach the step where you need to select the wallet that stores your AE tokens. You can also use a Ledger Nano S with MetaMask.

Also, every other Ethereum Web3 browser and wallet is compatible. Note: the process is only optimized for desktop use.

The most reliable way to complete this task is by using a modern browser with MetaMask extension or MyEtherWallet in combination with a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S.

  • Where can I check if I have migrated my AE tokens successfully?

Go to this web page and enter your æternity account (wallet address).

  • What if I currently store my AE tokens on an exchange? Can I still migrate them?

We recommend asking your exchange to support AE token migration!

If your AE tokens are on an exchange you can either transfer them to a wallet that you own (such as Ledger, Trezor, or AirGap Vault) or ask your exchange to start supporting Mainnet AE and do the migration for you during the next migration Phase.

To avoid technical complications and delays, it is highly recommended that exchanges migrate any AE tokens before Phase 3 ends (September 2, 2019).

Here is an inexhaustive list of exchanges, including communication channels to get in touch with them, that support ERC20 and Mainnet AE tokens. You can use the provided information to ask them to start supporting Mainnet AE and migrate your tokens for you.

  • Do I need to have ETH on the address where my AE tokens are in order to migrate them to the Mainnet?

Yes! You need a small amount of ETH on the same address where your AE is in order to pay for gas fees on the Ethereum network. We recommend having at least 5 USD of ETH there. You can check average gas fees before starting the migration here .

  • Are there any other options to create an æternity account apart from Ledger Nano S and AirGap Vault?

You can create an æternity account with the æternity Base æpp (mobile only, for iOS - please use Safari). However, it is HIGHLY recommended to use AirGap Vault or a Ledger hardware wallet for security reasons.

  • Do I have to use a second smartphone (that stays offline) to store my Mainnet AE tokens in AirGap Vault?

You can use AirGap Vault with only one phone by installing both the AirGap Vault and the AirGap Wallet on it. However, it is HIGHLY recommended to use two smart phones for security reasons. The second device will store your private keys and should never connect to the internet after AirGap Vault is downloaded on it. The installation and account creation should happen offline.

  • When will the migrated AE tokens be tradable on exchanges?

We recommend asking your exchange to support AE token migration!

Here is a list of exchanges that currently support the AE token.

  • Are we currently in a period in which both ERC20 AE tokens (on Ethereum) and Mainnet AE tokens exist simultaneously?

Yes. As long as not all AE tokens have been migrated to the Mainnet, both ERC-20 AE tokens and Mainnet AE tokens will exist.

  • When will my AE tokens be on the Mainnet?

AE tokens tokens will not migrated immediately, but in phases. The Genesis Block, the first block of the æternity blockchain, will include all tokens migrated by users during Phase 0 (before Mainnet launch). Each of the subsequent three phases, with a timeframe of around 3 months, will end with a scheduled protocol upgrade (fork) of the æternity blockchain. The scheduled hard fork will introduce the migrated tokens in the current Phase to the Mainnet.

The time between the execution and activation of a hard fork on any network varies and depends on different factors. In the case of the Phase 1 fork (Minerva) the protocol upgrade will be first executed on the UAT Testnet (morning, February 21) and its performance will be observed for some time. The æternity core team will observe the performance of the UAT network and test for bugs before considering it good enough to be applied on the Mainnet. Once the fork software is deemed Mainnet-ready, the dev team will publish Release 2.0 (Minerva) in GitHub.

Node operators will have until March 6, 2019 to update their software to version 2.0. This will allow them to remain on the æternity Mainnet after March 6. Once the fork is activated successfully on the Mainnet, AE tokens migrated in the last Phase will become available on the Mainnet.

  • What happens if I don’t migrate or forget to migrate?

After migration Phase 3 ends (September 2, 2019) all ERC20 AE tokens will become non-transferable on the Ethereum network. Users or exchanges will not be able to make transactions with them and they will effectively be “burnt”.

However, it will still be possible to receive Mainnet AE tokens, but the process will become more complex and will require that:

  1. the AE tokens are not managed by a smart contract (multi-signature address on Ethereum, for ex.),
  2. the user/exchange has access to the private key(s) / seed(s) / passphrase(s) of the ETH address(es) that stores the ERC20 AE tokens.

To avoid technical complications and delays, it is highly recommended to migrate any AE tokens before Phase 3 ends (September 2, 2019).

More information on the process will follow in time.

  • What is a scheduled protocol upgrade (fork / hard fork)?

A protocol upgrade that break consensus rules (hard fork) is a permanent divergence from the previous version of the blockchain, and nodes running previous versions will no longer be accepted by the newest version. A hard fork is not backwards compatible. Each of æternity’s scheduled hard forks will migrate tokens and add or expand features of the æternity blockchain that can only be implemented via a hard fork such as the governance system or the new virtual machine.

  • What happens if I make AE transfers on the Mainnet in the period between fork execution and fork activation?

Transactions will remain uninterrupted and will not be affected by the fork. If the upgrade is activated successfully (after a specific blockheight is reached), new balances (those migrated in the latest completed migration phase) will become available.

Only nodes which have updated to the latest Release will be able to see the migrated AE tokens.

  • What is æternity Mainnet?

The æternity Mainnet is the open, public network where the AE tokens, smart contracts, oracles, state channels, naming system and all other technological features will be available for use. The Mainnet will be improved through scheduled hard forks, which will introduce newly migrated tokens and updated features and increased functionalities.

  • What is the Genesis Block?

The Genesis Block is the first block mined on the æternity Mainnet. It will include all AE tokens migrated before Mainnet launch. It will also include the messages created by users during the first Phase of æternity’s original campaign in 2017. The date and time of the Genesis Block is generally considered to be the official launch of any public blockchain platform.

Tech FAQ

  • I am getting this error message in MEW, when using a Ledger wallet: "Invalid status 6a80. Check to make sure contract data is on?"

To fix this, you need to enable “contract data” from the menu in the Ethereum Ledger app (on the device), Once you do that, you need to disconnect and re-connect your Ledger device.

  • I am trying to initiate the AE token transfer using MEW. The data field is filled-in, but the amount field displays “0”. Is this a problem?

You don’t have to fill-in the amount field. Leave it as it is - “0”. The amount of tokens that you entered on the token migration web page will be migrated successfully.

  • Are wallets generated with v0.25.0 765f9cc epoch via ./bin/epoch keys_gen SOME-PASSWD safe?

No. Do not use this method for wallet generation.

  • I have sent my AE directly to the token contract (0x5CA9a…). Is this a problem?

Yes! This is something you should never do as mentioned by the numerous warnings. AE tokens that go directly to that contract are effectively burned without being associated with an æternity account (wallet).

If you have sent AE tokens to that contract directly from an exchange, it will not be possible to recover them. If you have sent AE tokens from a wallet that you own - a recovery could be possible (we can not guarantee this), but it will require signing a message/transaction with the private key of the address that you sent your AE from (keep that safe!). We will have more information for those of you who sent AE to the contract from a wallet that they own after the end of Phase 3 of AE token migration.

For the time being all AE sent to the AE token contract derectly must be considered lost/irretrievable. Please read the FAQ, watch the video guide(s) and follow the steps on the migration page to transfer your AE successfully! Do NOT assume what the process is.

The AE team


AE Token Migration Phase 0 is Now Over!

Anyone who migrated their tokens before November 25, 00:16:56 CET, will have their AE included in the Genesis Block.

Read more about the following phases of migration here.

Best regards,

The title is “Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3” yet it’s verbatim what’s in the “Token Migration Phase 0” thread. Ok I’ve read it twice.

I have my ERC20 AE Tokens stored in my MEW account. Can I create an ae_mainet address at MEW as well???

Hi @Aurum, you need create an account on the æternity’s blockchain to migrate your tokens, in this Youtube playlist you can see the steps to create it through MEW.

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I am having an issue migrating using myetherwallet. When I go to myetherwallet from the migration page, I click on ledger to unlock wallet and i get this message “U2F not supported in this browser. Please try using Google Chrome with a secure (SSL / HTTPS) connection!”
I have tried multiple browsers and did not have this issue in phase 0
If I go directly to MEW I can unlock it with my ledger but not when I am going thru the migration process.
Any help appreciated, thanks!

Hey @Drugzbymail, our devs will provide some support as soon as possible :wink:


Hey @Drugzbymail, which browser are you using?
It would be very helpful to send us screenshots of every step - before MEW and on MEW.

This morning I got the same message about U2F not being supported, however I was able to get past it so no issue I think. Here is the screenshot

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I am still having issues, maybe related to the U2F message. I am using chrome browser. I can unlock my wallet and hit “generate transaction”. I then confirm it on my ledger. The ledger says use wallet. However, nothing happens. Normally a send transaction button would appear but it does not. So I am stuck for now.

Update: This issue has been fixed.

Hello. Recently, while still in Phase 1, I completed two migrations of AE tokens using the same AE address. Both migrations transacted successfully on the Ethereum blockchain. However, on the " Check your migrations!" page, the total value it shows sent is only equal to the first of these two recent migration amounts. Why did the second migration amount not add to the total for the present phase 1 amount migrated??? I checked using two different browsers to make sure it was not a cookie issue, but it still shows only the first transaction amount.

Is this somehow a user error, a system glitch or coding issue of the migration checker?

Hello Dear AE team,

It seems I met the same problem like someone posted here. I plan to migrate my AE tokens in phase 1, so I
tried till now 4 times with MEW following instructions, while the process looks all ok and transactions successful, but on the migration result page, it just showed 1 migration was successful. I checked my airgap wallet, also just 1 migration result there… everytime before sending, I checked the payload, all correct. I don’t know what went wrong…

Can somebody help me with this? what shoud I do?
thank you!


That sounds like the same problem I am experiencing. It only shows one migration. I think the problem is probably the web page showing the results. The web page would have to separately calculate the total (I think!). Because each migration is in a different location on the Ethereum blockchain. However, that is not a certainty. It could still be a potentially bigger problem.

I migrated some tokens 2 hours ago but it is not showing up when I check the migration on

The transaction went thru
The address I migrated to

Any ideas?

Was that the only transaction you did for that address? I have had a problem, as well as another above. The problem we see is related to showing only one of our more than one migrations to the same addresses. For me, only my first migration was shown. For the other guy, it was similar, he only saw one of his four migrations on his target address.

@_dog The problem I am having is with my first migration to this address, it is showing 0. Maybe there is a problem with the display of all migrations right now. I migrated some in phase 0 successfully so I don’t think I made a mistake.

I also migrated some tokens for my son 17 hours ago but it is still not showing up in his migration page

889.59 tokens

The etherscan transaction is

The address I migrated to

Please help

Hey everyone,

Our devs are informed about those issues and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please be patient.

Thank you,

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…Thank you :blush: Albena.

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