Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3

Hello Albena, so the end of October has come and gone. Any news for us lost souls?

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Hello @JNuzzi,

Please find a video guide on how to claim your tokens below:

Some users experience some issues currently so please report there is you have any problems.

Thanks in advance.

Correct me if I wrong, but this video assumes you still have the ERC20 tokens in your ETH wallet. We do not. I am in the group of people who sent the tokens directly to the contract address, hence they no longer exist in the wallet.


Hey, no that is not the case. The ETH wallet should be provided so we can make the validation that this is the correct user with the correct amount. When you enter the public key of your ETH wallet, the migration site will check and show the amount that you have to migrate.

Hope that it is more clear now,


Yeah, I realized after that it was listing the right amount of tokens/coins. However, still no luck. Images below.




I also have the same error.

If you want a cut and paste transaction id: th_2Ek51Rci61pVtU6q6JTbA7dEZywhyPs2kPAe9nnsk8VmaMkzNa

Could it be because there is no AE to pay the gas?


Nope, not gas. Bought some AE and sent to my base.aepp address (which I imported from AirGap) and tried the migration again. Same error.

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Just tried to create a new AE wallet/account and migrating. Same error. :frowning:


Yea tried the same here :frowning:

I have tried,but same error

Thanks for the feedack guys, we will inspect the transactions with the transactions hash and the logs, and I will comeback to you.



I have noticed something odd today. My base-aepp has a whole bunch of accounts I did not create. I have only created 2 (3 with Ledger) and all these showed up today:

Could this be the result of all of my attempts at migration?

There are 15 in total. Is there a way to clear them out?


Yes I had something similar as well.

Hello,I follow the instruccions and after sign and paste the mesage in the Migrating with MEW, i receive this mesage :

I tried several times,the last one have this hash:th_2rXYHVfRErZtA9V2kk6rxufoTwbHruezLkqguiMvP4XGvUaSFj
My eth adress:0x005F99afA575cee39D27A06A5632338F53262
I was tring to migrate first time to : ak_2Bct3LTjNBXMAipe2vgr5inoEns6j5xvXJhdf9AuunRKwZUC5P and after that I maked a new wallet ak_FHSxp4Gd25TWMeUEXy7kFYVCfncNUU46hdwRGPh4BRoZMy4ac

I still haven’t found my AE. This is the wallet I believe I directed them to:
but it could be this one:
I’ve been looking at Emin’s posts but they seem to be based on still having ERC20 AE in a MEW wallet. My ERC20 AE are all in purgatory.

Hey when signing the message using MEW, in the message object there is field which says version.
What is your version?


Hello MartinG, it says version 3.




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Hello MartinG,
It say : “version”:“3”

Thank you !

Hey all,

We have deployed new version of the migrate tools. Please try to migrate your tokens again and share your results.