Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3


My address is below.

AE : ak_2g1rqjaj4sNhHumKDQ7EDNZwv63LMwzhh7hUW2mes9MSVQEHxf
ETH : 0x27dFCED0F59B9D2Be18E044C501D7c3565c059DC

Thank you.

Hey @martingrigorov.chain Can you help here, please?

Thank you.

Hey, @Choi

A simple check with the blockchain explorer shows that you have actually have migrated tokens successfully.


Please check your wallet again.


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I have already confirmed that the migration was successful.
But it seems that the problem occurred while generating the AE address. So AE coin is not sent.

I want to change the migrated AE address. So I want to migrate again.

Current AE address : ak_2g1rqjaj4sNhHumKDQ7EDNZwv63LMwzhh7hUW2mes9MSVQEHxf
New AE address : ak_JtNPUJQPENbVpvZrTWBGNZEVvjaAUdMDnq29Ske3ZJi3soPVV

So please tell me how.

Thank you.

For security and fraud reasons users can’t migrate twice. The tokens are migrated to the AE account that you have provided to us “ak_2g1rqjaj4sNhHumKDQ7EDNZwv63LMwzhh7hUW2mes9MSVQEHxf”.

If you have lost you private key or credentials to this account I am afraid that we can’t help you. You can contact the wallet that you are using, but I am not sure whether they can help you either.

What is the problem with your AE address?



Fortunately, I solved the problem of account transfer.

Thanks for your answer.

Have a nice day.


We’re glad to hear that @Choi :wink:

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Hello, I’ve send my AE erc20 tokens to gateio exchange through AE migration website, but i didn’t see it on my balance…
Also I’ve got answer from support: we only support the regular spend transaction, not contract transfer.

@albena.chain can you help me?

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hi martin iam unable to migrate my tokens from MEW to my binance account , iam getting message something went wrong , migration did not take place inspite of following all instructions
“address”: “0xe8175225b1a81a3d09bd623e1f9bb652c86e3454”,
“msg”: “ak_28UJLVYCj92FoUvkRaYrA7wu7uUAgEnRccDD7PPvLADwSQAckZ”,
“sig”: “0xde07e2994721ef48234df796ea80bab41875094e1e594014590dec98ecf422271e3619e80d071bb16af10c4616731c7b2afbec63c9327dfc7c05d368ac68bdca1b”,
“version”: “3”,
“signer”: “trezor”

this is what i get every time

hello martin i am new here sorry to reply to old post but i cant figure out how to send a new message, can you please assist i have old ae erc20 tokens stuck in ether wallet and want to transfer them, where can i find instructions please.


Hello Gus,

No worries. This is the webpage that will handle the migration -
All instructions are there, the process is made step by step, and you should be able to easily migrate.


As you can see here the tokens (791.1 AE) are successfully migrated in transaction th_2rpS…QfAn

Looking at the account ak_28UJ…AckZ that was used, tokens were transferred (the 791.1 AE) out of that account shortly after the migration?!

I have not received any tokens in my account sir ,
i have rechecked the address i shared was of my binance and it is not showing any balance .
is the address and every time i was trying to migrate it was giving error message which i shared .
kindly help me resolve it sir .

The tokens were migrated to ak_28UJ...AckZ in generation 281212 and moved to ak_dnza...Kcht in generation 281218. You can’t migrate the tokens more than once, hence you’ll get an error.

If you look at the account page of ak_28UJ…AckZ you see the outgoing transaction only since the tools don’t (yet?!) track tokens transferred in contracts.

I have not received any tokens in my binance account and when i checked hardware wallet from where token were to be migrated ., it is still showing AE TOKEN BALANCE as if the tokens have not moved / migrated .
iam confused kindly help

You seem to have an issue with your caps lock key, if you need a new keyboard I can warmly recommend the ultimate hacking keyboard.

It seems like we’ve settled that the tokens were indeed migrated successfully. Whether or not they made it into your Binance account sounds like a question for Binance?! Regarding the tokens in the ERC-20 contract on Ethereum - yes they are still there (and will be forever) since the ERC-20 AE tokens are non-transferrable since September last year. What we did was once the ERC-20 tokens no longer could be moved we basically moved them over to the Aeternity chain (in the Lima hard-fork) and made them available through the migration service. So the old ERC-20 tokens are just a reminder for those that couldn’t be bothered to migrate their tokens on time :wink:

thanks for the reply i will check up with binance support as AE balance is still showing zero and no where it is in the deposit history also . one thing is there iam 100 % sure not even once i got the message migration sucessful as shown in vedio .

My AE are still in my MEW account and I cannot migrate them, ie it doesn’t work. How can this be solved? Thanks!