Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3

Will binance be supporting mainnet AE tokens?

Binance confirmed they will support it but we don’t know when :slight_smile:

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Will users who lost their tokens in the first migration have a means of getting them back here? I ask because that was mentioned in the past.

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Hey @JNuzzi,

Any possible solution could only be enforced after the last scheduled hard fork in September 2019.
So, please be patient.


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I just tried migrating via MEW + Ledger to my newly created ledger AE main net account.
I was redirected to the Vintage MEW and signed and sent the transaction.
But instead of the green notification at the bottom of the screen I got a red one saying “Insufficient funds. The account you tried to sent transaction from does not have enough funds. Required 1200000000000 and got 0.”
There is plenty of AE and ETH in the ETH account being used.
I’m happy to send account specific info in a private message.

@mdave Our devs will come back to you on that ASAP :wink:

Hey @mdave, can you try what @oportunis suggested above?

Let us know if that works!

Hey all,

A general reminder that the Phase 2 of AE token Migration ends on May 7th!

All the tokens migrated during that phase will become available after the second scheduled hard fork on May 28th, 2019 :slight_smile:

Transfer your ERC20 tokens to start playing around with æternity features :slight_smile:

And let us know if you have any issues!


I was trying to migrate ERC20 AE tokens that were stored on a ledger, which wasn’t working.
I moved the tokens to an account on Metamask and from there I completed the migration.


Great! We’re glad you succeeded :wink:

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Hello everyone,

You haven’t forgotten that today is the LAST day of Phase 2 of AE token migration, right?

Over the last few days, new exchanges have decided to support the Mainnet AE token and some of them will do the migration for you! Check them out in the list below:

Hurry up and transfer your ERC20 tokens by 11:59 PM CEST tonight to be able to play around with æternity features :wink:


Hi,:grinning: how to check whether my AE token successfully swapped or not. Please provide me a link so that i can check.

Hey @Prabal, please paste your address here:

Let us know if there are any issues.


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Hi, @ae-albena. I’ve migrated my tokens today, the migration page says me the tokens are migrated in phase 2, though the phase 2 is already ended.
When will I get tokens: in the ended of May or phase 3?

Hey @tiker, could you send me your address so we can check (in DM). I suppose that you’ll get them after the forthcoming hard fork and not after Phase 3, but I’ll confirm after the check :wink:

Hi ! same question as tiker : I’ve migrated my tokens yesterday, the migration page says me the tokens are migrated in phase 2, though the phase 2 is already ended.
Moreover, it is displayed that I have migrated 0 AE tokens. Should I need to wait the real migration ?

Hey @coubo,
First, it is possible that some tokens migrate during this phase even though you did the migration after the deadline. Second, your balance will be updated after the hard fork is actually executed. So, wait a bit until the fork and tell us what happens.


Hi Albena,
I just migrated some AE and the Etherscan page status says it was successful.
But it has not yet shown appeared on the status/results page.
Please help :slight_smile:

Hey @martin61, your balance will be updated after the hard fork is executed. It is also possible that your tokens migrate in Phase 3, since Phase 2 has ended. If you want send me your address (in DM) so I can check.


I did it but its not showing up in the Token migration checker?