Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3

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Any news for those that lost their tokens attempting to transfer early and sent it straight to the contract?


Hi guys.

How do i migrate my AE to mainnet using ledger to a separate address?

I have 2 ETH addresses which i access via MEW thru 1 ledger.
I’ve already migrated 1 of it to mainnet.

But now i’m waiting to migrate the other one.
But i want to generate a separate AE mainnet address.
Thru the migration link, I’m still seeing the same mainnet address, despite creating another account with a diff address on

Thanks guys


Hey victorteoh1990,

In the Ledger you can not pre-select an account, generally the ledger app has reference to the main address currently, though if you generate a second address from the base app, you can Manually enter the Address to the token-migration app.


Hey @sadiqevani, thanks!
I’ve done as you mentioned and migrated my AE already.


To migrate from ledger via MEW you will need to use the old version of MEW. They upgraded and this guide - doesn’t work anymore. Once you get an URL link just add vintage before it, like this:… Than it works as before.


Hello everyone,

Today is the LAST DAY of Phase 1 of AE Token Migration!!!

MIgrate your AE ERC-20 tokens by midnight CET today and you’ll access your Mainnet tokens right after the hardfork.

More than 20 million tokens have been transferred over the last few days.



Help! i have AE in my binance account do i need to migrate to mainnet? When i checked migrating status(link provided in this fourm) by entering AE address it shows already migrated to mainnet successfully.


Hey @Prabal,

For now Binance will not migrate your tokens automatically (at least they did not participate in phase 1 of token migration that ended on Feb 15th).

You can participate in the next phase and transfer them yourself or ask Binance whether they plan on migrating them for you.



Ok. So if i transfer my AE token binance to exchange then my AE token migration is done? or do i have to follow same token migration procedures as mentioned in fourm?


If you transfer your tokens to they will do the migration for you but that will happen in phase 2 of token migration. That means you’ll have access to your mainnet tokens after the second hardfork in May 2019.

Read more here:


Thanks. It is Very helpful


Hi! Need a help again. How long does it take to migrate AE to mainnet if i transfer my AE binance to airgap vault? And after migration is done can i transfer my AE to any exchange supporting Aeternity mainnet?


Hey @Prabal,

You can transfer your AE tokens from Binance to an exchange supporting the Mainnet token, without passing by Airgap.
Find here the exchanges that currently support the Mainnet token and will do the migration for you.

However, again - since Phase 1 ended, that would happen in Phase 2, so you’ll have access to your Mainnet tokens after the second hardfork in May 2019.



Ok Thank you very much



I’ve migrated my tokens in february, but they still don’t show up.

Status page always shows 0.0 tokens (even from the beginning), allthough the payload says all went well.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hey @sriedhorn, seems like you sent your tokens directly to the contract, which is something we consistently warned you should not do.

The AE Mainnet address starts with ak_;
0x… is an ETH address.



I followed the procedure on the migration app. Please click on second link; this is my address: ak_3kYFDNDKiGNFJAxJbLZgHnNkDcBGPhX8KZB3K6Ae5TLCiNdFS


I never even had to enter an ETH address, just followed the steps of the AE migrate app. Used Airgap vault to create an address. Scanned it. And used Metamask to sign the transaction.

The confirmation (data payload) also says all went well.


I just checked again and the balance is now present on Roma-net network:

problem solved.