Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3


Hey @coubo,
First, it is possible that some tokens migrate during this phase even though you did the migration after the deadline. Second, your balance will be updated after the hard fork is actually executed. So, wait a bit until the fork and tell us what happens.



Hi Albena,
I just migrated some AE and the Etherscan page status says it was successful.
But it has not yet shown appeared on the status/results page.
Please help :slight_smile:


Hey @martin61, your balance will be updated after the hard fork is executed. It is also possible that your tokens migrate in Phase 3, since Phase 2 has ended. If you want send me your address (in DM) so I can check.



I did it but its not showing up in the Token migration checker?


Answered in another thread.


Please help me, I follow the wizard to migrate AE from Metamask to my airgap wallet, but prompt me 0.0 AE migrated


Hey, your migration is successful, but your balance will be updated after the coming hard fork, so please wait until then.



Similar question I just did the migration via AirVault so I have missed phase 2. When will I be able to see the balance appear in my AirValut wallet?


Hey @blue_trader, if you migrated in Phase 3, your balance will be updates after the last hard fork in September.



Many thanks Albena. Is there a way to check if I have done the process right? Or just simply wait until September?


Yes, you can send us your ak_ address and/or the transaction info in Etherscan.