Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3

Hello Again, Albena. I just saw the news about a hard fork and was, once again, inquiring about those who lost their tokens in the first phase. In your reply, you mention a hard fork in September, but since I saw this news, I figured I would inquire. Thanks again.

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Hey @JNuzzi, yes, this was the second scheduled hard fork and there is one more scheduled - the one happening in September. Only after it is executed, will we have a clear answer about the lost tokens. Please be patient :slight_smile:


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Hello @ae-albaena, i try to migrate AE token but when i finish type my aeternity Address it said that my address is invalid, can you help please ? my aeternity address is ak_2LdbnB4VJPouJ5hBjSzS2m1ZiuSettzH1xjC7Ah3qA72P3ZbhG



You address is valid. Can you do a screenshot of the error. Also, please make sure there are no spaces or other characters around in the address field.


Dear Vlad, the address is valid now, you are right there is a space, thanks very much.
Anyway, why is the gas fee is very hight, i try to migrate 45ae and the gas fee is about $12?
I am using metamask.


I guess the Ethereum network is very loaded now. Sorry about having to pay such a high fee.

I’m trying to migrate but I don’t get my tokens on the mainnet i don´t see the tokens in my wallet
I did the test with 10 AE, this is the transaction cap:

this the transaction hash

Thi is my AE wallet

Please help me

I am having the same issue, tried to migrate several small test batches of AE, everything looks like it went smoothly, however it doesn’t appear to have migrated to mainnet, my tokens do not appear in my Airgap Wallet: ak_2SC5fzHWAhQPiQoEWzL8YfRFd56W8PaqSqYyarsUyKzm4sTm9D


Same thing for you @d_jalb, how did you do the migration? Which one of the methods we’ve provided did you use exactly?

Hi @ae-albena

Today i have transferred my AE ERC 20 Tokens from an exchange to Airgap vault ERC-20 address. Now the tokens are showing in the Airgap AE ERC20 wallet. Can you tell me how these coins will be migrated to mainnet.attached the Screenshot of Airgap vault for your reference.

well you yourself have the answer, you can not transfer tokens from 0x to Ak_ because they are in different blockchain… the instruction for the migration says that you send your tokens from 0x to another 0x that is signed with your address Ak_
I hope I explained myself well.

How did you do it? I can’t get my tokens to go to Airgap.

Yep, I used several methods just to verify that wasn’t the issue.

All of my AE erc-20 tokens are stored on a Ledger Nano S. I used my Ledger to send (attempt) to both Airgap wallet and Base aepp wallet, using MEW. I checked the dataloads all 3 times and everything looked good.

Airgap wallet:
Base Aepp:

I tried 3 different times: .1AE, 3AE, 2AE

@ae-albena I’m aware they are different blockchains. As far as I can tell, I didn’t send Ox to Ak_, I did as I was told to do by the instructions.
I VERY closely followed the instructions (watched all of the videos and everything).

Here is the data payload of another transaction that I used the exact same process for:


Everything checks out there but when I actually send the tokens to be migrated, they disappear.

I seem to be having the same issue that a number others are also experiencing. Followed the migration process using AirGap Vault and Metamask. Used the tool to scan my AE wallet address ( ak_2dFFdMoDLa9sETxiUi7RpsaUDpQd6xZKrFE9YkqYrUZEo1cj1e )
I was certain my address and identicon are correct. The next page showed me the following but after confirming and approving the transaction in metamask, I was redirected to my migration check page showing 0 ae. I’ve done this from three different ethereum wallets with the same results.

  • Your Ethereum Account


  • AE Token Contract


  • AE Migration Contract


  • Your AE Mainnet Address


Below is the transaction for my first attempt 1 day and 2 hours ago on etherscan. If you look at the Input Data as UTF8, you can see my AE wallet address is included.

I have more AE ERC20 tokens I’d like to migrate but I am concerned it will not go well since I cannot get a status on the number pending.

The first transaction:

Hey @siva, I just answered you here:

@eruizr82, tell us which one of the methods did you use exactly?

AirGap cannot automatically migrate your tokens, we use AirGap’s Mainnet æternity wallet. Check out the video below - if you already have your Mainnet AE address, then you need to transfer your ERC20 tokens to MetaMask or MyEtherWallet and migrate them:

Let me know how it goes:

Hey @roccof, your transaction is successful - you can check by pasting the payload here:

Your tokens however will become available in your Mainnet address after the hard fork in September - then your balance will be updated :wink:


Hey @d_jalb - this first transaction seems ok -

You can check by pasting the payload here:

The tokens will become available in your Mainnet address after the hard fork in September.


@d_jalb, the other 2 transactions seem fine as well, except that the first one is for 0.1 AE and not 1 AE :slight_smile:

Your Mainnet balance will be updated after the hard fork in September :wink: