Frequently Asked Questions: Token Migration Phases 1, 2, 3

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Any news for those that lost their tokens attempting to transfer early and sent it straight to the contract?


Hi guys.

How do i migrate my AE to mainnet using ledger to a separate address?

I have 2 ETH addresses which i access via MEW thru 1 ledger.
I’ve already migrated 1 of it to mainnet.

But now i’m waiting to migrate the other one.
But i want to generate a separate AE mainnet address.
Thru the migration link, I’m still seeing the same mainnet address, despite creating another account with a diff address on

Thanks guys


Hey victorteoh1990,

In the Ledger you can not pre-select an account, generally the ledger app has reference to the main address currently, though if you generate a second address from the base app, you can Manually enter the Address to the token-migration app.


Hey @sadiqevani, thanks!
I’ve done as you mentioned and migrated my AE already.


To migrate from ledger via MEW you will need to use the old version of MEW. They upgraded and this guide - doesn’t work anymore. Once you get an URL link just add vintage before it, like this:… Than it works as before.


Hello everyone,

Today is the LAST DAY of Phase 1 of AE Token Migration!!!

MIgrate your AE ERC-20 tokens by midnight CET today and you’ll access your Mainnet tokens right after the hardfork.

More than 20 million tokens have been transferred over the last few days.