Get the up to date testnet ae token


As the RC1 been released, i want to have a taste with this version, but failed to request some testnet token because seems not catch up with the latest release.

Was hoping that you guys could keep pace with latest release, so that for those who not have a miner can get the testnet tokens.


Hey @jay

Our developers will answer you as soon as possible.



Hi there jay,

the edgenet faucet is your friend–connect to the edgenet nodes at and use the faucet at

Let us know how you get on,



It seems doesn’t work.


Arriving a bit late, but it’s working now:


I think it should work, but the applied token isn’t appeared on chain after about 5 minutes

Note: The ‘Transaction’ and ‘Account’ redirect links are not pointing to the edge net


Looks like the edge-explorer is not yet up to date with the node version, but I can see from the rest API that the transaction was successful


I use this endpoint finding that your ‘peer_count’ is zero, is that to say your node is not connected to other public nodes ? My nodes have 97 peers connected at this time.

i can’t find the applied 250 tokens in my node even we have the same genesis hash and node revision.


You should double check, beside the status, the height, for example, as of right now, testnet is on block 4438, while sdk-edgenet is on block 1098, and sdk-testnet is on 11112, sdk-testnet is on version 0.24 while edgenet and testnet are on 0.25.

Are you sure you are using the correct network to sync to?

You have 15000 in sdk-testnet version 0.24

You have 250 in sdk-edgenet version 0.25

I would send you some ae… but I don’t have a working client right now to transfer you in testnet.


Hey, maybe you are in the real testnet? :smiley:

Check this account [ ak_e8YApvLq9JyEWVg5KuyBo2gChWVwzD3g4oMHoVCSqg7VpZsw7 ], and if you see a ridiculous ammount of AE then you are in the real testnet (not sdk-edgenet, and not sdk-test).

If you have any idea of how to send AE in testnet I can send you some.


Yes, i am in the real testnet! You have 2e+19 tokens.

I think this doc says how to send tokens to another account.


I got the tx with that, but I don’t have anything that can sign the transaction. it says to use the sdk, but it fails. :frowning:


Nope, really sad indeed. First i made my key in keygens command, and i was not able to export it, but the new testnet was released so this time i created it in an sdk, i saw a python one and i said, why not?! Not knowing that the SDK-JS had the aecli command. OH but it does not stop there, the wallet programs on one and the other are incompatible. you can’t move the wallet from the python one to the nodejs one and viceversa.

Then i dabbed into the python code to make it show me the private key, since i saw there was a “save” command that allowed me to input a hex private key. and Sure enough, I was able to recreate the wallet in python aecli with that string of hex numbers. (Oh, i needed this because you can’t possible change your password once you create it, and I added spaces by mistake. that makes it really hard to process.

So now i know that there is an aecli in node, (which is not in the develop branch because it is gonna be removed, or rather, separated) so i go happily with my recently extracted private key and it says “Secret key size invalid”. I kid you not, that was the whole error message. I had to dive into the code to find out it is using another algorithm, another library (this time from NaCL or libsodium) and it requires (OH NO!) 64bytes, when my key for the python program was only 32bytes.

SIGH. So now, even when i have mined enough to gift you a bit so you can practice, I am still at a loss because I can’t use the tokens i have fined for anything.

I can’t believe the use of wallets in this network is so complicated right now. :sob:

Any other suggestions on how i can get tokens from my account to yours?
I have a 32Bytes private key i can the aepp-sdk-python aecli tool. but that tool is currently broken.


I didn’t use any SDK, i think the user rest api should work but i’m also have a try.

I thought you were an official member. :smile:


Oh no, I am just an enthusiast too.


Ok, thanks to a very helpful @noandrea over at github this is resolved now. I sent you 5000 Test tokens @jay

Have fun!


Thank you so much @Kryztoval