Grants to Philipp.chain for January and Feburary

Hello all,

I wanted to give a quick summary of work I did with the foundation last month, it is split in 3 parts.

Dorium Project

With a 1day/month allowance I am helping the Dorium Project with advice how to build their idea with aeternity blockchain. Last month we discussed the details of what structure to choose to implement their smart contracts, e.g. by using registry patterns and the AEX-9 Token Standard.

Governance Maintanance

There were a few mainanance items on the governance aepp and it’s infrastructure, e.g. updating to the latest version of the node, compiler and middleware, as well as fixing some minor bugs to make the experience more stable.

Forum Support

Support various external developers who did ask questions in the forum, e.g. about implementing sophia smart contracts or using the aeproject tool and sdk.

Thank you and kind regards


Is the governance app working with The ledger yet or soon?


We are depended on the ledger team to check our updates to the ledger app, which sadly has not happened yet. Maybe @davidyuk knows more?

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Very good and important question. We really need to get this done!

@davidyuk and I have been communicating with the ledger team for the past 2 weeks. Their responses are not that fast though, hence its not so easy to make an estimation when can we have this.


Hello all,

I just wanted to give a quick update on the work I’ve been supported for, by the aeternity foundation.

As last month I did some consultation regarding the Dorium Project.
Additionally I did help answer multiple question in the forum to help other developers out, as well as help @moritzfelipe with some things regarding Dacade.

Thank you!


Thank you for your shot Update. Can you please also provide the couple of links to the projects that you talking about. How much time did you spend doing what you did? What have been the results of your contributions?

Thank you very much! Good to have you in the community.

In total 1 hour was spend for the mentioned items. An immediate result was figuring out an issue with the SDK version for Dacade.

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