GUI for Mining, APP for mobile and Hardware Requirements Bitcoin-NG

  1. Will there be GUI based mining when mainnet is launched for GPU/CPU miners ?
  2. Whitepaper states that mining can be done on a mobile so there will an app or built in the mobile wallet ?
  3. As i understand how Bitcoin-NG works the block producer is selected in advance and so mining hardware requirements will be low maybe a 1070 with 8GB ram maybe suffice ?


Hey @aeonwise,

Thanks for your question. We’ve forwarded it to our dev team and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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The AE Team


Hey. You can find the most updated information directly from the creator of Cuckoo Cycle, John Tromp. Have a look here.

Mobile device mining will be tricky, the dev team is currently trying to find solutions on the topic.

Hardware requirements - similar to Equihash.