Guys I need some help

I have a Big question guys
Maybe @ae-albena, @erik93 and others can help.
I find It pretty crazy that according with Aeknows there are already more than 13.000 full nodes in Aeternity
In Bitcoin I ve found that there are around 9.000.

In less than one year on mainnet we have surpassed Bitcoin in numbers of nodes?

Bitcoin nodes

Aeternity nodes (Peers?)



It’s not that crazy when you think about how hard it is to set up a full bitcoin node, I’m not sure how heavy it is, but for instance I’m running a full Ethereum Node on my laptops HDD and it takes up about 80GB, with a fast internet it took a whole day to finish. On the other hand, an AE node is what, 1MB? Takes a few seconds :grin: