Happy First Birthday, House of Blockchain!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Today is a special day for us as we’re celebrating House of Blockchain’s First Birthday :slight_smile:

We’ve prepared a special blog post to tell you more about how the blockchain co-working space was established and how it plans to grow!

We are proud that despite the crypto winter, HoB persevered and remained solid.

It is currently the home of twenty-one teams, including well-known companies like Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein, TenX, Nägele Attorneys at Law, TV-TWO, Smart Valor, and of course, the æternity Establishment and Foundation.

Come celebrate with us tonight in Liechtenstein!



Happy First Birthday, House of Blockchain!!!:partying_face:

We are so proud of this unique blockchain-focused co-working space.

Happy first birthday! I hope all your goals will come true!

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Thank you @Ana_Litvi :heart_eyes:

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