Has the contract been deployed?

I am getting an ok result but on blockchain explorer don’t see contract create tx under the contract address.

{ owner: ‘ak_2KZfUuD7Eay7mGghHzbhktocB8Czv2Nxejro6prpGZbq5WYafU’,
transaction: ‘th_2oixX6Wc5Xaq3x4vtajFQChRzgse4efemZnzeHHnQH3f1RPiTQ’,
address: ‘ct_DeRuk3os1AaoiNtpiHnX5GnUHCVhqgZP9uQnEdx1UzNMq65Pf’,
createdAt: 2019-12-28T15:07:12.238Z,
{ callerId: ‘ak_2KZfUuD7Eay7mGghHzbhktocB8Czv2Nxejro6prpGZbq5WYafU’,
callerNonce: 1,
contractId: ‘ct_DeRuk3os1AaoiNtpiHnX5GnUHCVhqgZP9uQnEdx1UzNMq65Pf’,
gasPrice: 1000000000,
gasUsed: 134,
height: 189354,
log: [],
returnType: ‘ok’,
returnValue: ‘cb_Xfbg4g==’ },

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Also i was using this line to deploy: let result = await _contract.deploy([10000, 15]);
I am not sure if gas price / limit has been set correctly. I just used these values as have seen it somewhere, but I can’t find more detailed documentation. What do 10000 and 15 refer to?

Just an example of what I am looking at in block explorer.
So one random contract deploy tx that I found:

  • there is this mine block at the bottom

Now my deploy tx:

  • this mine block at the bottom is missing, even though the tx shows block height as 189354

It looks like the explorer has some sort of (caching?) issue… Here it looks fine: https://www.aeknow.org/block/transaction/th_2oixX6Wc5Xaq3x4vtajFQChRzgse4efemZnzeHHnQH3f1RPiTQ

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Maybe @jsnewby can take a quick look at this as he is maintaining the aeternal.io explorer / middleware.

Hi there, super sorry but I don’t understand what the issue is?

The aeternal node was (for some reason) out of sync. It gave an error message (can’t remember the exact one) saying the chain wasn’t at height X when aeknow.org was a couple of hundred generations further on.

It might have resolved itself, this was six days ago…

Ah yes someone brought that to my attention, and I gave it a kick.