Hello, AE token cannot be transferred to the main network?

Hello, AE token cannot be transferred to the main network, could you please tell me the reason?


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The last migration phase ended almost a year ago, and the AE ERC20 token contract is frozen, perhaps that has something to do with it…

The remaining tokens can now be accessed according to this procedure: [VIDEO] How to access your non-transferable ERC-20 AE token on aeternity Mainnet (LIMA)


Hello, according to the above video operation method, in step 6, I can’t click to confirm the migration!

Then I think the last sentence there is the key…

“The balance has already been migrated in th_xsS…3rs” - I.e. you’ve already done the migration, it can only be done once?!

That transaction is from 6 months ago… Tokens were migrated to ak_2Tj…Ab1

hi,AE token is still in the wallet, no migration! There are migration service agreement sites can not be opened!

The tokens are in which wallet? Are you referring to the frozen ERC20 tokens?
It sound like you are perhaps confusing the ERC-20 AE token and the actual AE chain and the AE tokens there?

The quick story is that they are completely separate things, and the migration aimed to “move” from the ERC-20 tokens onto the actual chain. The token sale took place in Ethereum, as an ERC-20 token and once the development was finished these were transferred onto the real chain. This was done in four stages (manually triggered by the token owners), and at the end the ERC-20 token contract on Ethereum was frozen (this means it can’t change, ever, so what is still there will remain there forever). What we (the AE team) did was to help those who failed to do the migration in one of these four stages by migrating the remaining tokens into a contract on the AE chain. The migration process you’ve gone through there relates to the tokens in this contract, and as far as I can tell you have successfully gotten your tokens. The ERC-20 ones (as seen on the Ethereum wallet) are immobile and worthless so you don’t need to worry about those.

Hi ,The AE tokens are in imtoken wallet!Unable to transfer AE!
The ETH address:0x565e00f02874a6729fA9fAb9d88Be5B31eF9E444

I suggest you try to read and understand my explanation…

  • Hello, but I haven’t received the AE token for this address before. I also didn’t transfer AE tokens 6 months ago.

AE address :th_xzSVPhZJd2zwLdC6XkSwzvKLcxbfVvV5gAEiequZyrhiPh3rs

th_xzSV...h3rs is not an AE address, it is a transaction hash. This transaction is a call to the migration contract (that holds the tokens that were never migrated from Ethereum ERC-20 contract).

The call was made 6 months and 27 days ago in generation 197982 - th_xzSV…h3rs

Looking at the calldata it shows that tokens originating from Ethereum address 0x565e00f02874a6729fA9fAb9d88Be5B31eF9E444 were migrated to the AE account: ak_2Tjfh1bRaXFb8qYdLYcZJQdJJ7sBtHYC7z5gdEAS8SgSJu8Ab1

To be able to do this transaction you need to be able to sign messages on behalf of 0x565e00f02874a6729fA9fAb9d88Be5B31eF9E444 so either you did it, or you have somehow lost the key for your Ethereum account. In either case the migration has been done, and it cannot be undone or done a second time.

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  • Ok, thank you for your answer!

Hi there AE team, I am coming back to follow up on my initial Crypto and it seems that AE token are still in Ether Network. Is there still a way to transfer them into the MainNet? I thought I could hold in Ether network as long as I wanted. Tezos for example provided a clear migration path.

What can I do here?

Hi and welcome to the party. You are a bit late though…

As was initially communicated the AE ERC-20 tokens became non-transferrable almost a year ago, and there were four different migration phases prior to that. For those (including you) that managed to miss out on all of that, the remaining tokens were put into a smart contract on Aeternity chain and you can access them using this process

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Hi Hans, unfortunately, the migration website is no longer accessible. is there are another way to migrate these or are the now lost forever:(

many thanks

Yes, the Aeternity contract holding the tokens that was “left behind” in the AE ERC-20 token contract is still there, and it wont go away. But without a frontend/website it is quite hard to use for those not into all the details…

Hi there @hanssv.chain with Aeternity reactivating the Migration site (The migration site is back! ) I was able to transfer my ERC-20 tokens finally to an AE wallet and I can see my tokens in the AE block explorer now.

Thank you AE team for that. I am a big believer in the project and its a pity that it doesn’t have the prominence it deserves. Unlike other projects, this one actually is now used in a practical sense than people just exchanging fiat for tokens.

Perhaps AE org. needs a better marketing strategy. :wink:

Again thanks to the team that got this re-enabled

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