Help on ubuntu mining


Hello everyone,
I’ve been able, following the ubuntu tutorial, to set up mining.
For what i can see, after start the epoch i get the top block of heigh 8197,
but if i look at blockchain explorer on
i get a different top block : 4620.
My epoch is version 25, it’s the explorer same version?
I think i’m missing something important :slight_smile:
Can someone explain me those height differences?

thanks a lot, Matteo


Hey @mitto,

Another user has similar problem, look here for details.

Seems like the blockexplorer ( doesn’t reflect the real Testnet, but rather SDK-testnet. We are investigating and will keep you posted.



Hi there,

There are currently (at least) 3 networks, the main UAT testnet, the SDK Testnet, and the SDK Edgenet. A bug prevents the explorer from connecting to any but SDK Testnet at the moment–we’re working on a fix. Apologies for the delay. But you are not doing anything wrong :slight_smile: I will post an update here when I have a fix.



Thank you J , i’ll Wait for the fix

Node Getting Stuck


Hey there, I can connect;


to these two address from explorer status page.

but // is no-go and I think it doesn’t exist. So, my node is currently connected to uat-testnet (because based on height number, mine is at 9532 right now) and I’m trying to connect to uat-testnet from this page:

Could you share the explorer address like // for uat-testnet?


Hi there,

We (the SDK) team don’t provide or support the testnet, which is primarily for the core team (and provided by them). For most uses the test or edgenet is best.