[Heytax] Tax reports for crypto traders


Hello guys.
We are part of the second badge of starfleet. We are building a tool that currenctly can take care of your private tax reports if you are based in Germany. Later we want to also go in other countries and offer services for businesses.

We mostly focus on the B2B market so tax advisors and professional traders.

You find us on www.hey.tax or in our office in Berlin.

Or you can directly reach out to me [email protected]

Especially when you are German and struggle with your tax declaration or want to share your experiences with tax advisors and tax offices let us know. We are here to help you with that pain.

All the best and hope to see you at the demo day in April.

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Hey Werner, nice to have you here!

Figuring out how to handle their tax reports and pay their taxes have been a real conundrum for most crypto traders, so your project will have an enormous impact.

Especially in Bulgaria, where there are a lot of traders, such information is available in some specific Facebook groups or forums only, which is ridiculous! However, it gets even “funnier” when the responsible institutions are lagging behind and don’t know how to handle such cases either.

So thank you for the tools you’re developing!

Keep us updated,
Albena :monkey:

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