Hi All! My name is Óscar

Hi all!!

My name is Óscar, founder of Territorio Bitcoin in 2014, a media site about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, Fintech and DeFi.

I am a Marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in event marketing, sales, planning and development.

I have focused my professional career in the communication sector, decentralized finance and the alternative economy.

My passion is the communication and development of online projects on the internet since 2002, the most recent Bitcoin Territory, an independent communication medium with which in 2017 I won a Digital Award for innovation in media in Spain.

Organizer of the Spain Blockchain Summit with six editions and more than 50 meetups. (2017 - 2019)

Member of the Association of Journalists of Economic Information in Spain

I’m interested in Aeternity and the new developments in Blockchain technology such as the scalable smart contract platform, as well as the integration of oracles, unique governance and the naming system (AENS)

Greetings to all, we read each other here



Great to have you with us @territoriobtc! Looking forward to talk more to you in the future :smiley:


Hi Oscar!! Wælcome!! so glad to see you around! Can’t wait to see Territorio Bitcoin monetising with Superhero! you already have some tips btw :)))


Hi oscar, welcome. i"m new, come here to learn. I have some experience using bitcoin and a custom cryptocurrency. i am willing to share my knowledge about what i know, i have no problem telling you about my experience with the platform MintMe. Regards