Hi Everyone ! My name is Eren from Turkey

Hello Everybody :wave:
My name is Eren. I am a student in Turkey, I am a writer in news website about blockchain projects and in a SEO content agency. :dizzy:
I am really glad to be here because ı really believe the aeternity project. Two years ago, when have high price volatility in Bitcoin and altcoins, investing to crypto coins took my attention, which encouraged me to take advantage of volatility and invest. Thus, I had made my first Bitcoin investment 2 years ago. At first I was incur losses, but when I understand this game, I started to take high profits. After that I wondered about the science of the blockchain sector and started to research the background of the Blockchain and I was very surprised by the informations what I was researching.

When I first met with aeternity, ı was too shocked because aeternity has lots of good advantage unlike the other blockchain projects. Æternity is a blockchain protocol that gives you the ability to develop and launch smart contracts, that can be scaled with no limits, with very fast transaction speed, low fees and flexibility makes æternity the ideal solution for value and money transfer in the real world.

Let’s move AEternity to a better place together.(where its belongs, to the TOP…) :rocket:


Welcome Eren,

Happy to have you in the community. We have more things now

State Channels and Hyperchains AE core devs never stop giving the community new tools

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Thanks for joining us Eren! Please have a look at the æternity website to learn more about our advantages as a smart contract platform (one hint: it’s not only about money transfer :wink: )

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