Hi Friends from Aeternity!

My name is Jeremiah Joseph,am software developer and self taught SOC Analyst,am so exited to be an ambassador of aeternity here in Dodoma. In 30/11/2019 we have our very first meetup at Cive it was so excited we have come into sense on how aeternity block chain is going to change our lives through oracles machine,aepps and its smart contract,surely we will never regret being in this amazing community.


Hey @jeremiah99 and welcome - we’re happy to have you as an æmbassador.

Please share some photos and experiences from the meetups - how knowledgeable the attendants were about blockchain and æternity?


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The attendant have very little knowledge of bitcoin so i started with introductory course first explaining them about block chain,then bitcoin,then etherium and finally aeternity.