How do I update my AENS names?!

They’re expiring in a few days, I own them, but they’re invisible in the main app released by the organization. Why is this STILL so janky, pray tell? :slight_smile:

Would be great to find out how to renew the names - being logged in into the Base AEpp on my iPhone. Or on my PC. Thanks a bunch!

When do they expire? Base aepp is in maintenance mode and currently no active development takes place there. I heard a few times now about the problem with AENS names there.

Are you using Ledger or a seed? In case of seed you could switch to Superhero Wallet by importing your seed there. There you should be able to manage your names.


Great, thank you! Imported the seed into the SH wallet, and can see my Account #1! However, can’t open Account #2 that’s under the same seed name in Base App?

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I see. yeah multiaccount is sth. currently not supported by the Superhero Wallet. but it’s in the backlog. anyway I will try to find a solution for everybody to be able to update their AENS names.

when is your first name expiring? or did it already expire? is account 2, 3, … relevant for you right now regarding AENS names?

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A number of names are under Account #2 and are expiring in about a week, I believe. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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can you check again please? should work now again without any update of the base aepp


  • it is still extending for only 3 months instead of 1 year using the base aepp - but it can be used again and you can at least use it to extend the names you own
  • as you cannot see auctions there you shouldn’t try to register a new name that starts a new auction in the base aepp
  • if we don’t manage to make Superhero Wallet feature complete in short term we will revisit the base aepp maintenance again right after we finished other more important tasks

Marvelous, @marco.chain ! Thank you! All worked in base aepp!