How to create tokens on AE?


Does AE have a ERC20 like standard to create tokens?


as far as I know Æternity plans to add standardized tokens that are part of the core protocol on future releases. this should also allow miners to accept tokens as transaction-fee.

currently there doesn’t exist a token-standard on Æternity. at least I don’t know about it. but it’s possible to re-use existing standards and implement them within smart contracts (sophia/solidity) on Æternity


Here is a sample token contract.

Native tokens will be introduced in the future, not in the next (Minerva) release.



If miners can accept token as fee, then I will sell all my AE and leave.
Waves accepted token as miner fee too, but they realize the problem and fix it though hard fork.Now all fees are collected in Waves.


If there is other token can be used as miner fee, then AE is useless. These tokens will complete with AE, some of them will become main miner reward. It is like what happened in waves. And waves price growth is no good as others in long time. Until waves fix it.


The key word here is can, the miner can accept other tokens as fee. Aeternity can never force miners to accept them, but will allow them to do so. There will also be exchange rate for some of these native tokens to AE, and the miners are then to decide how much they charge based on this.

The introduction of native tokens will not infuence AE inflation. Printing new useless tokens will be just another worthless coin…


So some popular token may replace AE as the main token of Aeternity network. At least some percentage of it.

If there is popular token on Aeternity network, users of that token need not to be users of AE coin. This means AE network will not be more safe, when there are more users.
Less users of AE , less marketcap of AE coin, then less mining reward for miners(block reward is AE), then less security for Aeternity network.