How to start a mobile application


What’s the best way to start to create a mobile application using the aeternity blockchain? is there any tutorial ready? Any hint is appreciated :slight_smile:


you can start by reading this:

it has a lot of information and links you can use


I read the doc :slight_smile: But to be sure, for now only the JS and Python SDKs are available. Which means I have to use the protocol doc if i’m using another language, right?


JavaScript SDK and Python SDK are the main Sdks, however, there are repositories for aepps, like the

I don’t know what you are trying to do but that should cover most of the things.


The protocol is pretty simple, though. I created a simple bot without using the sdks that interacted with the testnet during a hackaton last weekend. But I only used it to send out spend transactions.


Possibly I woul like to build a native ios/android applications tha is using the aeternity network. Anyway i think the protocol documentation is enough for it :slight_smile:


I can write a quick gist guide on how to build a spend_tx in swift or elixir or erlang, if you need one. All I had to use were an rlp and base58check libraries and libsodium bindings.

Here’s an unnecessary convoluted guide I’ve just made for sending spend_tx from epoch:

If you plan your apps (ios in particular) as open source projects, I’d be interested in participating :slight_smile:. AigGap app doesn’t work for me for some reason (just hangs at startup).


i will, i am starting to toy also with a dart lib to use it with flutter.