Hspminer: fastest aeterntiy miner 2.0.7 for Linux and Windows


devs,need to implement this to enable mining for 3gb cards:


I was able to screw out only 141-142n, what are your overclocking settings?


Thank you for your great support!
Sorry for the late reply I am improving aeternity mining these days and I am going to update the 2.0.8 aeternity miner which will have significant much higher speed, when I update it I will let you know, thank you all the time!


I have just checked again since i wrote my message as i lowered the power limit. Those are the results for my 3x1070 non ti. Without surprise the lowest numbers are for a crappy zotac mini 1070.
I say this because i have these results with power limit 75, core +0, mem +400 (so 4200 mem in afterburner) for all 1070 and results vary.

170 to 174 for 1070 ti with same overclock.

Not sure if important but i have 80gb swap file on my rigs.


I cant wait for that. I dont understand why a lot of people praises bminer 50% faster when i have as much rejected shares than accepted shares.