I have a good strategic direction for the development of ae

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I have a good strategic direction for the development of AE, you can take a look.
Let me talk about the current situation of AE.

  1. The development of AEPP in recent years has not improved much, because the new AEPP has a small user group and AEPP is not sufficiently active.
  2. In recent years, the amount of mining has been very large, and the holdings of the team are very large, making capitalists not interested in participating.
  3. The existing developer community, the actual number of developers is very scarce.

Therefore, no matter in terms of capital or ecology, AE has not been improved in value.

How to get out of the dilemma, as a CEO, you can refer to a famous story in China called the story of three countries.

In this story, there is a force called Liu Bei, who is in a very similar situation to AE.
He has many outstanding fighters, but no military division who can control the development of strategy. Therefore, even if he has excellent soldiers, he still has repeatedly failed.

The turning point in Liu Bei’s life was when he invited a famous military adviser named Kong Ming.
Kong Ming told Liu Bei that if you want to gain the world, you first need to attach to a strong friend, not treat them as enemies.
Then take Jingzhou, you can get the world.

AE faced the same problem as Liu Bei, and did not have a qualified military division in charge of overall development.
What AE needs is not pyramid schemes, nor pure funds, but a person like Vitalik Buterin who controls the overall situation and has a certain influence. Of course his influence is positive.

So my suggestion is that you should talk to Vitalik Buterin, and ask for help when you need to.
I believe that AE’s technology is quite attractive to Vitalik Buterin, and it happens that he also wants to participate in a new project.

For AE, the existing ecology of Ethereum is Jingzhou, and only through the cooperation with Vitalik Buterin, the ecology of Ethereum can be owned by AE.
Of course, this process reflects the value of your existence as a CEO. You can get Vitalik Buterin to cooperate with AE through profit or other methods.
This kind of cooperation is not only in name, but to seize the ecology of Ethereum.
A good reason is that Vitalik Buterin is also losing control of Ethereum.
I believe that Vitalik Buterin is Kong Ming. If you can invite him, then AE’s future is infinitely bright.

Please remember that a cake is so big. The current blockchain industry is not in its early days. It is far easier to succeed in seizing the ecology of others than developing it yourself.


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Brilliant idea…yani reach out to his former friend for help in market share and offering mutual benefit by allowing Vitalik to utilise ae and save his vision of ETH 2.0. This would be a world shaker…masters of the universe…

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