I sent some ae to the .chain address some hour ago and they don't appear


I just sent some ae to my .chain address few hours sgo and they don’t appear even if the txs seems confirmed un the block Explorer

Hard to tell without knowing the transaction or the name :man_shrugging:

If you post the name and transaction hash we can have a look.


We need to implement a fortune teller oracle that can answer this types of questions! :smiley:


@Manel did you update your .chain name to point to the address of your desire? So basically a name could point to a lot of different objects: an address, a contract, an oracle and etc. In order to do so though, you need to update it accordingly. Registering the name makes it yours but this is just setting the owner. If you want to be able to send tokens to it, you must update it to have an account it points to as well. For example my name is KrumTheFearsome.chain. I am not sure if the explorer exposes this data, so I am using the plain API instead:

$ curl https://mainnet.aeternity.io/v2/names/krumthefearsome.chain | jq '.'
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   174  100   174    0     0    848      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--   848
  "id": "nm_2gPqMzVAEoaDaCkmtzDM3RwQVbzMJHT5uVnzhvfDUkEWMBiYnT",
  "pointers": [
      "id": "ak_2QqgCjHEPud4B74wfC5EqCgSUJAKy8egKhofGC6xVhmGJFyXYa",
      "key": "account_pubkey"
  "ttl": 262202

As you see - for this name, there is a pointer account_pubkey that well - points to my address. Now if you send tokens to KrumTheFearsome.chain, they would land at ak_2QqgCjHEPud4B74wfC5EqCgSUJAKy8egKhofGC6xVhmGJFyXYa. Hopefully this clears it a bit.


Thanks for your help!

I tried to do pointer to the pub address but I found that

Is that normal, I think I ve Lost those tokens

  "id": "nm_2hmCzNfWMbMLsPA1AzsyjrrpZ9Q4xndzGcqL6U9FNLA7AVfgrQ",
  "pointers": [
      "id": "ak_f2BFGph3r7guYAYs7nmPzrTxGMyHdrhe8EVC1qD2fvLBjued6",
      "key": "account_pubkey"
  "ttl": 238039

The name from the picture milesandmilesanmiles.chain appears to be pointed to ak_f2BFGph3r7guYAYs7nmPzrTxGMyHdrhe8EVC1qD2fvLBjued6

The question is - did you sent the tokens prior pointing the name?

@Manel please provide the transaction hash so we can look at it and tell you what happened.

Sending tokens to a name with a missing pointer address shall result in the transaction being invalid and not being included in a block. Even if the name has other pointers attached to it (for ex. an oracle or a contract) if there is no account_pubkey pointer - the spend transaction would still be invalid. So what really is interesting to you: if there was no account_pubkey at the time and the transaction was not valid - your tokens were not sent at all. In order for us to prove this, please provide the transaction hash :slight_smile:

@milenradkov.chain this is a good example for an UX improvement. The AENS section shall clearly communicate to users if a certain name is usable now (as in: pointing to something recognizable) or not. cc @yani.chain @emin.chain @stoyan.chain


Thanks! Here It is


The transaction was included in generation 212176, so let’s check the balance of the account that the name points to at the start of 212176 compared to at the start of 212177

([email protected])114> {ok, PK} = aeser_api_encoder:safe_decode(account_pubkey, <<"ak_f2BFGph3r7guYAYs7nmPzrTxGMyHdrhe8EVC1qD2fvLBjued6">>).
([email protected])115> B1 = aec_accounts:balance(element(2, aec_chain:get_account_at_height(PK, 212176))).
([email protected])116> B2 = aec_accounts:balance(element(2, aec_chain:get_account_at_height(PK, 212177))).
([email protected])117> (B2 - B1) / 1000000000000000000.

Indeed that account increased its balance by 29.5 AE, so it appears as if everything worked exactly as it should…

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…and then the name was transferred to another owner address

$ curl https://mainnet.aeternity.io/v2/transactions/th_2dnWJo1ouzUBLsn87qgxj4KYbrUYmG4wX8HxfPHas4PiPHWqC1 | jq .
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   548  100   548    0     0   1561      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--  1561
  "block_hash": "mh_6HongM83ehMWXdfZ2STcKeBMhMSAv5pNY8ykEAwhWhjgiF69d",
  "block_height": 212273,
  "hash": "th_2dnWJo1ouzUBLsn87qgxj4KYbrUYmG4wX8HxfPHas4PiPHWqC1",
  "signatures": [
  "tx": {
    "account_id": "ak_f2BFGph3r7guYAYs7nmPzrTxGMyHdrhe8EVC1qD2fvLBjued6",
    "fee": 17300000000000,
    "name_id": "nm_2hmCzNfWMbMLsPA1AzsyjrrpZ9Q4xndzGcqL6U9FNLA7AVfgrQ",
    "nonce": 63,
    "recipient_id": "ak_2D1P29womipYwUnwL1mWfjYbWdpEZim15uYAKWwJq5hx8F7JjD",
    "type": "NameTransferTx",
    "version": 1

Note that this is in

“block_height”: 212273,
which is later than the spend transaction above.

So as @hanssv.chain said, the tokens landed on their pointer address, namely ak_f2BFGph3r7guYAYs7nmPzrTxGMyHdrhe8EVC1qD2fvLBjued6