I think base aepp can add support for i18n

I think base aepp can add support for i18n

Do you have any plan?

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Do you refer to this:

Maybe @stoyan_ae jump in here.


Yes, we do. We plan to start working on this soon. The first language which we will release this with is Chinese. I will post an update here when we have an estimate for a release which includes this.


We are hoping to include this functionality in our upcoming release: v0.8.7.

I see it. It’s on github

I also have aens, but I don’t see chinese.json

We will release i18n with Chinese and Russian today or tomorrow (v0.8.10). :slight_smile: I can post here when it’s live.

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Mobile phone brand oppo, model r11, CPU qualcomm 660. Open the back blank.

vivo xplay5,That’s the same question

Huawei glory, model: mya-al10. Open the white screen.

Thank you for sharing the screenshot and your device details.

What happens when you open base.aepps.com in your mobile browser?

v0.8.10 is live at base.aepps.com

We are working on releasing it in iOS App Store and Android Play. It will most likely happen mid next week.

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There is no problem with using the browser to open it. By the way, base aepp has another problem. It opens very slowly. It has a red background.

The first time I went online, I informed the Chinese community to download 0.8.10 from github