[Idea] BUS D̶r̶o̶n̶e̶ Graffiti

Use the idea of drone graffiti and bring it to a next level.

Keep the basic concept with having an auction for art space on a digital canvas through the drone graffiti aepp and get the digital painting on a real surface

Don’t paint a wall with drones, let’s paint the aeternity Bus with Humans (and or Drones and Robots).

Aeternity will have an old London Bus soon. The Bus plan is to show up on as many Blockchain Events and Meeups as possible and be a moving hacker, unconference and hangout space.

The Bus itself is already very visible but the idea is to use the drone graffiti aepp to auction art space on top of the bus on an continuous base.

As we can not have drones painting on the bus in real time the idea is to source artists who paint (or plot) the bus once in a while with the updated digital auctioned art piece through the drone aepp.

Why is this good

  • there will be a moving bus art piece traveling to many places
  • different artists can be invited, we can tap into their communities to grow the reach and awareness about the project
  • everyone who sees the bus can become part of the art work by learning about aeternity Blockchain, the aepp itself, its advantages and so on
  • Events are the best multiplicators, many people will just walk-by-participants and on-sight not only the drone aepp but also all other things around aeternity (wallet, paper wallets, transaction speed and so on) can be tested and improved


  • one person need to organize the tour and its experience and the communication with artists
  • artists need to get paid
  • advertising budget for each event
  • development work will be involved as the aepp needs to be updated
  • articles including videos and pictures should be produced
  • free tokens for participants
  • social media engagement around the events and appearances
  • coordinate with Bus, Bus driver, potentially rent parking space
  • other logistics like hotel, food, travel

If we do one event per month

  • 4000 to 8000 Euro for Human Resources
  • 2000 for Artists
  • 2000 for Video and Content Production
  • 2000 for technical personnel
  • 1000 for advertising
  • 2000 for logistics and Bus
  • 1000 for misc

For 10-20k per month a continues art bus graffiti project could be done. 10k is the minimum cost I expect, 20k the maximum cost per month. A limitation to 10k should be possible though. To be discussed!


  • get the Bus
  • technically update the drone aepp

great idea, we could definitely integrate it in the drone graffiti proposal.