Incentives in future airdrop


Hi guys,

what are your thoughts on airdrop incentives, if it will be distributed to all BTC and ETH addresses?

One member of telegram group put it kinda right: So if 1% of AE are going to ETH or BTC addresses, I should sell my AE for ETH and buy it back after airdrop. Let’s discuss possible solutions. I came with 4.

A.) Distribute AE randomly through AE ETH and BTC addresses so that probability of getting more free AE if I am holding BTC and ETH is not bigger than if I hold only AE: The max distribution of coins between different blockchains : AE 50%, ETH 25%, BTC 25%. Questions is if distribution function should be mapped to amount of coins addresses have. If yes, the richer will get richer, but if I want sell 1/2 of my AE for ETH and BTC, getting more free AE will be zero sum game. If no, I have bigger probability to succeed, if I sell 1/2 of my AE for ETH and BTC.

B.) Do not mention date of an airdrop. Although there is incentive to sell AE, but not for particular date. This should smooth the effect.

C.) Distribute AE randomly to also BTC and ETH addresses that holds no coins. This approach would mean no selling of AE because it makes more sense to just create new addresses.

D.) Time the airdrop exactly at same point when mainnet token swap happen. Combine it with 1% (or bigger %) bonus for token swapping (see Sascha’s reverse dutch auction approach where x% bonus is upper limit and goes down to 0% with time… This should create equal or bigger incentives to actually hold AE and also swap it for mainnet coins.

If I rank these, it 's gonna look like this. (1. Is the smartest solution 4. is dumbest one)

1.) D
2.) B
3.) A
4.) C

I am looking forward to your thoughts and solutions.




Thank you for all those ideas and thoughts you put into. We’re internally discussing different variants and we will also consider your feedback. We will publish an statement regarding this matter some time soon.

I personally like D too. Please follow our blog/twitter for announcements around this.


Thank you Emin,

will certainly monitor announcements. Looking forward to implementation.




Me personally never was a fan of airdrops as i can’t see any logic behind it. Even less if coins/tokens get “produced” that way out of thin air.

All the points you mentioned are covered with POS if the main purpose should be holding and at least with POS you do actually something for the network day by day.

Actually thinking even more about it, i can’t even remember a coin/project/token that is successfull and uses /used airdrops, but i may miss something here of course.