Indian Meetup with 90 people!


Ashish Chawla
Meetup 4

Estimated people : 130
People who came: 90

Key points:

1: Basics of blockchain
2: P2P networking
3: Digital Ledger
4: How it is distributed over the network.
5: Aeternity
6: What is æ?
7: Why Æ?
8: Other existing systems.
9: Key features of æ.
10: Smart Contracts in Æ
11: State Channels in Æ

This meetup was the best Indian meetup till date with all the participants interacting nicely and actively.

Their interest in learning a new technology was a fuel to me to make the session more interesting and friendly.

Rather than bombarding the technology and making them understanding the concepts from the slides, I made them understand the concepts with practical daily life use cases which turned out to be an amazing idea for Indian Students.

The use of local and multiple languages while the session also helped a lot because still some people understand the concept fully in the local language hindi but still English and Hindi both are used.

The best part about the meetup were the feedbacks and this time the feedbacks were really overwhelming for me. There was one group of 10 people among the crowd who came to me after the conference and forcefully gave me a small bag which had pizzas and Tacos in it as I was travelling. The happiness they had was showing, how much they understood.

My inbox was filled with thankyou greetings and I was overwhelmed with the feedback.

All glory to God.

And thanks to Æternity.


Wow, @Aeshish, thank you so much for your work!
We are so happy you got such a wonderful feedback from the attendants, I hope we’ll be able to keep that interest and excitement growing in the future.



Pleasure is all Mine!

Thanks :blush:


Why AE choose Indian, I know that it is a big country with great people, but I think China is more technogoly advanced


Hey @VladEx, our goal is to have aembassadors all over the world, as many as possible so we welcome everyone willing to spread the word about our technology.
India is developing at really exceptional pace too :slight_smile:


Great! Thank You @Aeshish, i’ll visit you soon.