Integration to identity æpp and styleguide


Hi æterniteam!

I need help with some doubts that we have while developing our first prototype for the æternity blockchain.

  1. Is necessary -not preferable, or desirable, but necessary- to build the æpp to be accessed from the identity æpp? I think that for some uses, specially while there is no traslated version, it could be preferable to use an aepp independently from identity æpp.

  2. How necessary is to use the components in Again, we are working with a previously existent project and they want to keep using their own branding.

  3. I understand that there is a zeplin styleguide for æternity. I would like to get access to it so We can use it for the prototype of our æpp.

  4. The tool for testing contracts in is not working. It never connects to the testnet.

Thanks for your answers!!


Hey @Horacio,

Our developers will get back to you ASAP.

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Any updates here from the dev team?

  1. is working presently.



Thank you for building an æpp on top of æternity blockchain.

  1. We recommend using the Base æpp. It is not necessary to use it. Your point around internationalization is currently a valid one, as we don’t have translated versions of the Base æpp at the moment.
  2. We do not require anyone to use the components. They are being developed in order to make your life as a dev easier. You do not have to take advantage of them, unless you want to.



Hey @Horacio,

Here is what the aepps team commented:
On mobile, base app plays the role of the key manager / transaction signer: it loads an aepp, injects all the “private stuff” (keys) and whenever it comes to sending a transaction, it triggers the asking for confirmation.

The only way around that you can use would be storing and injecting the private key(s) on their own into their code when interacting with the SDK. But that alone would not yet intercept the signing and sending of a transaction, which would just happen automatically upon calling the JS function.



@Horacio we updated the Zeplin style guide. Have a look here:

You might have to request access to it. Please do that.

And we’ll look into making it public in the mean time.

Apologies for the delay. And let us know if you need any thing else.