Introducing myself from Lagos, Nigeria!

Hello æveryone🙂,
My name is Oluwashina Peter, a 23 years old product marketing specialist living in Lagos, Nigeria. I have previously worked as the Head of merchant & product adoption of the Nigerian team of Dash - Dash Nigeria - and I greatly contributed to the scaling of Dash to be one of the top payment choice with a strong cryptocurrency community in the country.

I came to know about æternity back in 2017 while conducting technical analysis during my trading voyages. I started to study it indepth early this year and I find æternity blockchain quite interesting and scalable especially it’s state channels and decentralized oracle features, amazing!
I am looking forward to building product-market fit dapps for the nigerian ecosystem on æternity Blockchain and also conventional businesses that accept AE as a means of payment starting with an ecommerce store by 2020👌🏾

I enjoy watching football, playing video games, music, meditating and - a new one - learning how to write smart contracts.


Looking to forward to hear from all æternity team and ambassadors. Cheers!:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Petermuller99 and welcome! It’s so nice to have you here :slight_smile:

It’s wonderful that you are willing to build on æternity! If you need any development help or feedback, this is the right place. You can also get business and financial support by AE Ventures or æternity Crypto Foundation.

You can also get funding to create and execute a community-building campaign and spread the word about æternity - learn more below: