Introduction Thread



sure! I can help you both with spanish :blush:

And I would like to learn French :slightly_smiling_face:

Feliz día chicos!


Hi guys,
this is Manol, entrepreneur & senior backend developer .

I belive that the blockchain would affect any tech and non-tech sphere, so I have intention to start learning to develop blockchain dApps.

I follow the Æternity project since the start and I like the fact that I can meet the team in offline events, which is awesome.

So, here am I :slight_smile:


Welcome @man0l, we are happy to have you here :slight_smile:

Here is the perfect place to start learning how to develop æpps from scratch, we’ll help you with that!



Okey, thank you for information, I wll have a look at these threads as well. By the way, I consider Spaish to be a real pleasure to learn, especiallyif you already know French. So many similarities!


Hola Nessa, muchas gracias! :smiley:


Was is Spanish? Sounds great!


I also want to learn French, it’s so attractive for me. But I consider it a little bit difficult, especially phonetics.


French is very special, I agree. I was trying to learn it myself first, but then when I joined the classes I understood that my self-learnt pronunciation was far from ideal:sweat_smile:
But, if you combine audio lessons with learning words, it could be a good start. Let me know if you’re interested, I will look for some materials for you:sunglasses:


I am a seasoned (aka old) software developer and cybersecurity evangelist. I graduated (probably before most of you were born) back when computers were the size of buildings and programmed with punch cards. After a 35-year career with ATT, I retired 5 years ago and trying to give back to the community. I’m a huge advocate of Erlang, Elixir, and anything OTP (which means “One Tough Platform” to me). See for my talk at CodeBeamSF2018 to see where I’m coming from.


Welcome! Thank you for joining the aeternity community! :slight_smile:


Hello @sfractal and welcome! We are happy to have you here!

Many of æternity’s core developers are programming veterans just like you, so we’ll appreciate your input here!

Thank you for sharing your talk with us, it’s quite interesting :slight_smile:



You are great! Thanks for your ongoing support.


Hey guys, I’m Bojan, from Cryptic Legends team. Our team is based in Serbia and we are building a hero management game as a part of Starfleet vol2. program. Check out our landing page for more details
Looking forward to working more closely with the rest of the aeternity ecosystem!
Hopefully, there is a number of gamers in the community, so if you are one, apply for our beta.


Hey everyone!
My name is Nemanja, also from the Cryptic Legends team. I am coming from the game dev side, having designed mobile and board games for several years. I believe there are many benefits in mixing blockchain and games for both gamers and game developers and I look forward to helping make this real and widespread.


Hello, Bojan and Nemanja :slight_smile: Nice to have you both here!

We have a dedicated category for the Starfleet projects, here it is:

We are very curious to learn more about Cryptic Legends so, please make sure to update us often :wink:



Hi folks,

I’m Aleksandar, one of the co-founders of Cryptic Legends.
Looking forward to working with you all.



Hi guys,

I am Tim from the Abend team. My skills are more within marketing and sales than in software development, however I am extremely interested in the business models behind different blockchain ideas and the way Aeternity can help execute these.
Abend is very active in the event industry, among others having our own events, build the leading software for event online marketing and a ticketing solution. On top of that backround we plan to build on site payment solutions for events on the aeternity blockchain.

Looking forward to discuss with you guys in this forum to get the roadblockers that we all have removed.

Cheers and have a nice day,


Hi everyone,

I am Björn working together with Tim on Abend. Contrary to him though, I am one of the two tech leads in the team. I studied electrical engineering originally but have been in Software development during my entire studies and right after the first iPhone came out and the App store opened I started building mobile apps in 2009. Have been mostly focused on front end and product design since. I got into bitcoin in 2013 and have been following the crypto scene since and am really excited to finally work on my first blockchain software project. Aeternity is a really exciting technology for us and we already got some first proof of concepts running with the javascript sdk. Looking forward to learning a lot here and some interesting discussions,

all the best,


Hello Tim and Björn, nice to have you here and your project Abend as part of the Starfleet :slight_smile:

Please tell our community some more about Abend in the dedicated Starfleet category :slight_smile:



Heya, I’m hendi and also part of team Abend. I’m coding since elementary school (wrote software to do my maths homework), got into Bitcoin in 2010 before MtGox launched, mined one of the first 100 Ethereum blocks and have a pretty good track record of noticing and valuing good tech (I’m bad at investing though). My interests are security and crypto* (-graphy and -currencies), and my latest project in this space is which I run.

Why am I here? Aeternity looks like a much more interesting solution than Ethereum’s sharding approach, so I’m excited to build something on the AE platform with Björn and Tim. We’ll be in Sofia in April and hope to meet many of you there.