Introduction to æternity for business professionals


Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone had some literature that is good for introducing business owners and professionals to æ. I plan to do a presentation for my city’s Chamber of Commerce and need some power points and ideas on the best way to introduce æ from a business perspective. @ae-vlad


Do you mean practical usecases, technical suecases or æeternity blockchain in general?


Hi @Luka, Aside from lower cost payment processing, what else would æternity bring to the table for businesses? One thing I thought of was the use of Oracles to determine inventory pricing for upcoming orders. But really wanted to brainstorm with everyone to come up with some good ones to shed light on the benefits of the platform. So, long story short, use cases. But this brainstorm would help with other æmbassadors’ meetups.


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Well this depends on many things but some very high level usecases could be : oracle(izing) any important data input (i.e verifying - electricity expenditure, purchase price of item X, current amount of X (particle polutants in the air, water spening on irritigation, inventory listings etc). Basically anything that needs verification because you do not want to trust the source.

Using it as payment system with low fees (i.e paying for parking via an dapp - circumventing the telecom providers (sms cost) or apple/google - 30% cut for reoccurring payments via in app Purchases.

Voting i.e governance mechanism for some simple non critical things - have citizens decide what neighborhoods that will recieve new asphalt, parks etc).

Public inventories (i.e all real estate owned by the city that is leased to public is pulled into a chain that can be verified for how much is rented to whom).

EDIT :slight_smile:
There are more advanced usecases like :

  • progressive payment/charging schemes in combination with oracles. (pay per second, rent by second). In case of for example tourist taxes, other tax obligations for muncipalities or utility bills like garbage collection, water, etc.
  • rent by second for i.e parking space (I own a piece of land in the city center, with proper HW I can rent it to people directly and charge per usage by second).

DISCLAIMER : these are very general usecases that can be done but are considering that some things are true (i.e there is a frictionless fiat—> ae token gateway, there is an identity app woth secured private keys etc etc)


I’m working with the æeternity starfleet teams (startups). i suggest you check their business usecases as they will use æeternity blockchain for their core products. It might give you some good ideas :


Thanks a ton @Luka . This will definitely help!