Is it possible to mine AE with CPU?


And is it profitable to mine AE with CPU, compared to the GPU?


It is possible, it is not profitable.


I can confirm not profitable. I was running with 1 TB of memory and 240 xeon cores for 2 weeks. Earning 0.
So yes confirm that


May be you misconfugured anything?..


Hahahaha, no, really not. It is not profitable.


Does it work for you? If so what is reward?


I think it doesn’t work for anyone


If you mine into a pool for a very long time you might get something out but that doesn’t make any sense anymore. Approx. 300k GPUs should be mining by now.


I doubt anything below a 1080 Ti can earn a profit. If that level held for a year (but we know it will not) it would take a year to ROI a 1080 Ti.


How to calculate how many GPU’s mine AE?


Assuming all miners use only 1080 Ti cards:

However AEKnow reports 15,244 miners.

Another reason I question the units these devs are using.


Agree, 1800 Ti is the only one good GPU for mining right now