Is it possible to use web3js to interact with aeternity

first : is it possible to use web3js to interact with aeternity?
second: is it posible to integrate aeternityin mobile app? any simple idea plz

no, aeternity has their own libraries and sdks. take a look at GitHub - aeternity/aepp-sdk-js: Javascript SDK for the æternity blockchain

sure, you can use the javascript-sdk to create a mobile aepp. this has been done with the base aepp and with the superhero wallet, too:

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some other community member wrote a mobile application in Dart:

I think it was @Baixin.chain. maybe you could outsource that Dart code into an independent library? :slight_smile:

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Wht if i want to use flutter for mobile is there any api i can use to query balance and create account for user or deposit in my smart contract

@marco.chain @mghase
The underlying Box AEPP is also JS-SDK.
If you want to check the balance, call the contract, etc., you can also use the JS SDK, you can use the uni-app(based on Vue) can be better support.


Ok I thought that Box Aepp is using Dart (which could be used with to develop with Flutter). Is it using Dart for API calls and the JS-sdk for the rest? @Baixin.chain didn’t have a deeper look yet.

@mghase You’d have to develop the functionality on your own then if you really want to use Flutter (Dart). Maybe you can also just use the JS-sdk with Flutter. I am not really familiar with Flutter to be honest.