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aeproject installation on windows

We are facing the problem described in the image below after downloading docker for windows

We then tried installing docker with npm using npm install docker which still gave lots of errors. What can be done?


Hey @aeternityekiti,

What version of windows are you using? What is the version of npm and nodejs also ?

There are limitations for docker on Windows version other than PRO. This is due to some virtualizations.
Here is a thread that can give you more information:

However, you can install docker-toolbox, it is described here:

Aeproject, supports using docker-toolbox.



Thanks @martingrigorov.chain, we will get back to you soonest

Documentation Suggestion

Hello @yanislav.chain, this is to suggest to create a full documentation on Sophia and State Channels, just like the way AEproject was well documented at

Lastly, Thanks to @martingrigorov.chain for the docker toolbox solution.


Hello, in the installation turorial for windows, install Docker for windows is needed. However, to install Docker for windows, your windows system must be windows 10 pro or enterprise version 10586. Otherewise, you can install “docker toolbox for windows” for older windows systems. Since I believe most users’ system will be win10 home, it will be best for users to install “docker toolbox"

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Thank you @Emmanuel

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