Javascript SDK aecli error compiling contracts with LIMA

Hi @nduchak.chain , I’m updating my dev suite and aepps along my nodes and compiler. I’m trying to recompile my contracts to deploy to LIMA with latest aecli version but I’m getting a version error.

aecli contract compile --compilerUrl Registry.aes

Unsupported compiler version 4.0.0. Supported: >= 3.1.0 < 4.0.0

This my aecli version:

aecli -V


Compiler and node versions:

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Hey @ae-omar,
Looks like some caching issue. Please try to uninstall and install ae-cli again, that must resolve your issue.


Hey @nduchak.chain tried that before with no luck. I’ll try again.

Maybe you have linked sdk in your global node_moduels. Becasue from error message looks like that cli use not the right version of sdk.
Also try to do npm update -g