Juan Carlos Delpino S - InstaTrust1


Hi gals & guys, You might know me from other forum sections but this time I’ll introduce my self as the CEO of InstaTrust1 a startup from Venezuela that just made it through Genesis Week from the 2nd Edition of the Starfleet program.
It was an amazing week full of challenges and lots of work but thanks to the support team we managed to survive. Big thanks to the Lukas twins (just joking), Valentin, Stefy and Elisaveta.
If any of you have a good idea this is the place to be!


Hey @jcdelpino, it’s nice to see you in this new role :slight_smile:
Make sure you’ll share your experience of the forthcoming acceleration stage with us here!



It has been our pleasure to spend a week with you, guys!

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Hey @jcdelpino! Nice to have you here! Can you please do a short introduction of InstaTrust1 here? :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response, I’ll do it ASAP.