Just started mining. What hashrate to expect with 6* 1080Ti


Hi Everybody,

Just started mining a hour ago on f2pool with my rig of 6 1080Ti’s on pl 70% and gpu +150 / mem +500. Driver 398.11

I tried Bminer first but it seems Hspminer gives higher results on the pool site. On the rig self it tells me 245 n/min for each gpu. So total 1475 n/min for the whole rig. F2pool gives me for 15min average 0.274 Ksol/s

Is this a good hash, I have no idea lol. In the topic from Bminer they are talking about 0.475 Ksol/s on pool site for a simular rig? Is this true? Than I’m doing something wrong :frowning:

So what do you guys think, is this hashrate any good?


Hey @Porrit

We saw you got more answers in another thread, thanks for sharing your experience.
Keep mining!