Karol Skocik - Focus of the next grant period

During the upcoming weeks, my focus we be mostly on these areas:

using Lumen (Erlang on WASM) to run parts of our codebase in browser

  • constructing calldata for calling contracts directly in the browser
    This would be useful for Fire - IDE for developing contracts in Sophia language.
    If we can deliver calldata construction as a C-like shared library, it would be useful for all SDKs as well.

  • Sophia language compiler running in browser
    Again, useful for Fire, but also for other sites which could utilize the compiler without callout to a deployed, hosted node.

Lumen compiler is not yet merged to master, and we will be working on the very bleeding edge.
It is expected that the progress will be at least partially blocked due to the status of the compiler.

improving Naming System support in Sophia language

The AENS.update in Sophia (soon to be merged) introduces AENS.pointee type.

There are at least 2 things worth implementing:

  • AENS.resolve should return option AENS.pointee which we can statically type check, improving correctness of the contracts using Naming System
  • Support for generic blob a Naming System pointer can resolve to

It would be great to read a little bit more details about the challenges and planned work. Maybe including links to some open tickets and designs on GitHub.

If more information about it is shared publicly (including the progress, goals, challenges and solutions) as easier it might be for others to contribute to your efforts.

Thank you for the update!

Thanks for feedback Emin. I’ll create tickets in Github for each of the mentioned goals so it’s in the open if somebody wants to help, and post links here.