Kenyan Utu Technologies Launching the First African IDO on Binance DEX

Hello everyone,

More great news coming from æternity Universe One :yum:

Do you know who will implement the first-ever Initial DEX Offering in Africa?

You guessed right - æternity’s Starfleeter UTU is about to conduct an IDO on Binance DEX.

Learn more below:



骗子,AE上面的项目,竟然用BNB众筹,那为什么还要发AE token?就是为了骗韭菜?

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That’s right people! UTU is launching its IDO! You’ll see our details on their forum soon.

Hmm, the only thing I could understand from google translator was “liar.” What lie has been told? UTU is æ all the way :smile:

IDO is highly strategic and atomic swaps with BEP2 will be great for many projects.

So what’s the problem?