Last stop of the Spanish ambassador tour: Madrid


On Thursday I had the last meetup of my traveling ambassador tour. It was in Devacademy España in a very nice location in the center of Madrid. The event was organized by the devs a academy and Óscar from “Territorio Bitcoin” a cryptocurrencies magazine.
It was nice to have around 20 persons in front with high knowledge in technology listening to my presentation about the Aeternity development.
Once again the main focus was on the Oracles.
They asked if the Oracles will be specialized, meaning that there will be different sections of Oracles for each different subjects or functions.
They also asked if the Oracles will know the amount of money involved in the smart Contracts they are participating(not knowing it could maybe prevent malicious Oracles)
and someone from the “Cambra de Comercio” asked if the Oracles could provide a passive income for companies or anyone.
This meetup was the closure of my traveling ambassador tour and after 5000km, 13 meetups I want to share with everyone that it’s being such a wonderful experience for the communities I ve met. Thanks to everyone for supporting me during these weeks.:slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! It seems interest in oracles is growing, which is great. Chainlink’s oracles are making news lately too


Thank you so much @Manel, just following your journey through the Forum has been great! I am sure your trip and the meetups you’ve organized would have a great impact and would give birth to many interesting blockchain projects :slight_smile:

Concerning the oracles - absolutely, they will be a source of passive income and everyone will be able to participate!


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Was the tour mainly in Spain? So many cities: Madrid, Bcn, Zaragoza

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