Lets hear Dev team's opinion about price going down


I’d like to hear Aeternity’s dev team’s or management’s opinion about why the price keeps going down when market trend is upwards.

My personal opinion is that the main reason is huge block reward and inflation rate.

It seems to me the ones who mine AE keep selling it as soon as mined and because of the huge inflation rate there is not enough buying interest, so the price keeps declining like it’s going to totally collapse.

I suggested that AE team should lower the block reward.

What is the plan here? Is it to just let the price go down without any resistance?

Is the team still interested in the project?

Unfortunately the project monetary policy wasn’t properly set up for the cryptocurrency landscape we have now and token-holders are paying off that… and now it is too late to change it because the inflation rate is fading anyway. There will be no huge benefit if you change it, damage is done and unrecoverable. And because new projects still emerges, it is very difficult for Aeternity to gain attention. The competition is super high. It is no time like for Ethereum when it was a leader.

Why should a dev team care about price? We embrace the great technology aeternity brings, which is not affected by price.

Your question should be the AE team, right?

There is no doubt that the AE team only concerns technology. After all, the AE must be supported by technology if it wants to develop in the long run. However, the AE needs to embody the technical force and sometimes the price. After all, the price is the market’s recognition of ae. AE should focus on technology. But I think the AE team should also pay attention to the attitude of the AE holders. After all, it can be reflected in the forum. All the people who ask questions are AE supporters, and the AE team should give them confidence.

Maybe the most important feature of crypto is that its a store of value. Why do you add these consensuses, logic to decrease fraud risks etc. if you don’t care about the value of ae?

You are shutting your eyes to a problem that will destroy that you have been working on for so long.